Holiday, weekend or a short stopover? Hven can easily be explored in a day trip, but if you want more time for exploring, then stay a night or two on the island.

There are many options when it comes to accommodation. Bring your tent or rent a small cottage overlooking the Sound at Hvens Camping and Cabins, or go all in and stay at the luxurious  four-star facilities of Backafallsbyn.

Bed & Breakfast, camping, single rooms, 4-star, conference center, cottages and hostels are just some of the many available accommodations on Hven, so whether you are into a hotel with a little extra service, or prefer a campout with a sleeping bag, on Hven there is something for everyone.

Be aware that Hven is a nature reserve. The Swedish public right does not apply on the island and it is therefore only allowed to camp on the campsite. Contact the providers directly for accommodation availability and prices and ask them for package deals that include dinner, breakfast and so on.

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