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Where can I park my car when I need to take the ferry from Copenhagen?
There is no parking specifically belonging to the ferry, and unfortunately there are limited parking facilities in the area of Nyhavn, where the ferry departs from. It is recommended to use public transport, taxi or bicycle (there are bicycle parking at the pier).

Is there an ATM on Hven?
Unfortunately not. Most major sites like Spirit of Hven, Backafallsbyn, Hven Durum, Hamnkrogen, Prästasvangens Tourist and Conferenscentre, Turistgården, Hven bicycle rental, St Ibb’s Golf Club, Tyco Brahe Museum, Vensevent, Hvens camping and cabins etc accepts the major credit cards.

When can I go on board the ferry?
About 15 minutes before departure. Please come well in advance to departure time so M/S Jeppe can depart on time.

Can I take my bicycle on board M/S Jeppe to Hven?
Yes, depending on the availability. There is limited space for bicycles on board and room for bicycles must be booked in advance.
It costs 95 DKK T/R to bring a bicycle. Bicycles that have not reserved space are taken on board if there is availability left. Push box bicycles and bicycle trailers are unfortunately not accepted on board.

Does is cost extra to take a stroller or dog on board?
No, neither stroller or dog cost extra. But the dog must have a passport and the necessary papers to go abroad as we travel outside Denmark. It is recommended that the dog stays on the deck and not where passengers enjoy food.

Where does M/S Jeppe depart from?
M/S Jeppe departs from Havnegade outside no 39 (behind the old custom house building) just around the corner from Nyhavn.

Are there toilet facilities on board?
Yes, there are several toilets on board the M/S Jeppe.

Is there any catering on board?
Yes, there is a kiosk on board where you can buy a variety of drinks and snacks. Meals like full breakfast, coffee & cake, and tapas dishes can be ordered in advance, which includes reserved seats and a set table.

Are there buses on Hven?
Skånetrafiken has buses that run according to the ferry’s arrival and departure. You can read more about the departure times and prices on Venbussens website.

How to get to Nyhavn?
The easiest way is to take the subway (Metro) to Kongens Nytorv and then go the last hundred meters to the wharf in Havnegade.

Can I take my car to Hven?
No, unfortunately not with M/S Jeppe, departing from Copenhagen. Hven is not ideal for vehicles, but if you must take a car with you, you can travel through Landskrona where ferries can take cars on board. Park your car at home and rent a bicycle or travel by bus during your visit to Hven.

Can I pay with Danish money on Hven?
Most places accept Danish kroner, but the exchange rate is 1 to 1.

Can I camp on Hven?
Hven is classified as a nature reserve and the Swedish all man rule do not apply to Hven.
It is forbidden to camp, grill and pick flowers in the open. In return you can camp and grill at Hven camping site and use the barbecue places in Bäckviken and Kyrkbacken habour.

Can I get around Hven in one day!
Hven is only 4.5 km long and 2.4 km wide and about 12km long. The bicycle route along the coast can be covered in an hour.

Can I rent a helmet at the bike rental?
No. Remember to bring your own helmet.