Hven offers excursions, accommodation and experiences. Hven is the perfect vacation spot, – it is easy to get to and has much to offer its guests. If you do not have the brochure for Hven, then you can download it here in a PDF format. Below you can read a brief overview of the history, nature and some useful facts about Hven.


The grassy slopes, better known as Backafallen, are dramatic and lift Hven out of the sea, giving the island its peculiar shape of a plateau. Thanks to this geographical form, Hven functions as a wonderful viewpoint for the visitors, and the magnificent view of the Swedish and Danish coasts that extend all the way to the Malmö-Copenhagen.

Owing to the special natural features of Backafallen, they are protected as nature reserves. The beautiful Rosenmalvan vegetation grows on slopes, and in some places even higher up on the island.  Backafallen is special and certainly worth protecting. The dramatic Backafallen also offers soft and inviting beaches. Get down to the beach if you want to go for a nice swim!

Hven has a very special history. 8-10 000 years ago a land bridge joined Danish Zealand and Scania in Sweden on which its highest point became Hven. This might also explain why Hven today is so rich in archaeological findings.


After the Peace of Roskilde (1658), where Denmark lost Scania, Blekinge and Halland to Sweden, Hven was still Danish a few years, but in 1660 the island was transferred to the Swedish state. In the centuries after  time stood still on Hven, and only at the beginning of the 1900s, something happened. Agriculture flourished and brickwork production was established on the island. The population grew to 2,000 but in the mid-1900s it was over. Brickwork production closed, and agriculture was mechanized, so the population fell again.

In 1959, the Swedish government changed the name of the island of Hven to Ven. Today there are only about 360 people inhabiting on Hven, and many live of the large number of tourists visiting the island during the summer.


During the second half of the 1500s, Tycho Brahe made his presence on Hven and his scientific achievements have made Hven known far beyond Sweden’s borders. Tycho Brahe was born in 1546 at Knutstorps castle in the southern Swedish province of Scania which at that time was a Danish province. After studying around Europe, Tycho Brahe made the discovery that would become the starting point for his further career – he discovered a new star which led the Danish king to realize Tycho Brahe’s scientific literacy. The king therefore gave Ven as a gift to the young nobleman called Tycho Brahe.

On Hven Tycho Brahe created what today is considered as one of the most important places in the history of science. Tycho Brahe carried out his research with his assistants focusing on topics such as astronomy, meteorology and cartography. As a result of this, Tycho Brahe is one of the five scientists who laid the foundation for today’s modern world. His castle, Uraniborg, was during two intense decades a meeting place for scientists and royals from all over Europe. The castle was demolished in the 1600s and today only the foundations of his observatory called Stjärneborg remains. In the middle of Ven in the former All Saints Church the contemporary Tycho Brahe’s Museum is accommodated since 2005surrounded by a beautiful Renaissance garden. So if you want to know more about the exciting story of Tycho Brahe, his scientific achievements and life of Hven you must not miss this opportunity to stop by!


Country: Sweden
Municipality: Landskrona
Distance to Scania (Skåne):  4,5 km
Distance to Zealand: 7,5 km
Length: 4,5 km
Width: 2,4km
Circumference: 11.7km
Area: 760 acres
Highest point: 45 m
Inhabitants: app. 370
Currency: SEK
Flower: Malva alcea
Animal: Melolontha
Afstand til Skåne: 4,5 km
Blomst: Rosen-katost

Nurse consultation on the island is open all days from 08.00 – 10.00. Telephone +46 (0) 418 720 60. For emergency call 112.


 There are many paths and gravel roads crossing the island. The size of the island make a trip on a bicycle trip or a walking tour an obvious way to get around the beautiful countryside. You can download a map of bicyckle routes here…